Art of Dining

Art of Dining

As this word, we have designed restaurant as a unique style which has decorated something new and original. Moreover, you are not only dining but also you can watch all of the art photos by a famous photographer and our owners who love taking photos.  Most of the photos will be in black and white of Nakhon Phanom, living in the city, and the countryside of Nakhon Phanom.

R- Restaurant has diversity of foods to dine such as European food, Thai food, Vietnamese food or even northeast food of Thailand. Furthermore, we serve various of drinks for customers in every day.

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This Week’s Specials


perfect in one bite: we select the best ingredients and serve with our special sauce. We use hydroponics vegetables that are fresh and clean and wrap with rice paper.  Unlike other Vietnamese restaurants, they must dip their Vietnamese rice paper before eating it. But for our rice paper, we can eat it while it dry like in Vietnamese did. You can eat it in the restaurant, take home, or as a souvenir.

Steak in a hot pan

we select the premium beef from a famous store in Sakon Nakhon. You can either pour it with the black pepper sauce/or red wine sauce. It also serves with salad and french fries. It is the best combination.


Beef set is only 499 baht including

Brisket knuckle Top round slide bottom round slice shank and many more selections such as prime rib, rib eye, strip loin, and etc.This set comes with vegetable and our homemade sauce. We also have pork option for those who don’t eat meat

Thai pork sausage and spicy tamarind sauce

This sausage contain less fat, no flour and a lot of pork.  There is no preservation and made fresh everyday It is the most popular items in our hotels.

About us

We truly understand that humans always want the best things for themselves. Therefore, we determined to find the best ingredients and good quality to use in the restaurant. We would say that R-restaurant has disparate and uniqueness of foods including Thai food, European food, Vietnamese food, and our local food. We guaranteed that when you come to R-restaurant, you could get a variety of food that tastes like original national foods.

The Chef

The Chef: is the most important position in a restaurant. They cannot ignore any details like choosing the fine ingredients or choosing the finest team who has the same passion for cooking.  All of our team is always elaborating all dishes for customers and this is a heart of the matter of R-restaurant.